Through ODL, LUANAR is providing chances to the working class and secondary school leavers who would otherwise not find space or time for full time conventional education an opportunity to combine work, business, home life and study without excluding the prospect of resuming advanced university level studies. Studying through ODL is advantageous in that it reduces cost of education resulting from averted costs associated with teaching space, accommodation and non-academic functions. It also increases enrollment and efficient use of personnel remotely.

Our Vision

The directorate aims to be a center of excellence in open and distance learning in agriculture, rural development and natural resources

Our Mission

The directorate endeavours to provide equitable access to quality university education through sustainable open and distance learning innovations.

Our Values

The Directorate is driven by the following core values: Openness, Integrity, Collaboration, Innovation and Excellence

Other advantages of ODL include multiple entries and exits where students work at their own pace while maintaining university standards; no limitations in terms of age, gender, physical ability and status of aspiring students. You work and earn a living while you study and earn your desired degree.


The ODL programmes will be delivered using the blended model where residential sessions and distance study will be used. The residential sessions orient students on the philosophy and implementation model of ODLas well as provide an opportunity for the students to better appreciate their course contents and other forms of electronic and non-electronic forms of delivery. During the first year of the programme, when teaching and learning infrastructure is being constructed, programmes will be delivered through correspondence using printed materials, face-to-face and partial e-learning pathways. From the second year, the programme will operate using modern e-learning facilities in all centres that will be completed within twelve months.